Monday, November 28, 2005

Boba Tea Madness!

I love boba tea so much. Tonight I had black milk tea with the tapioca boba at the Korean mini mall at Vermont and Seventh after dinner at Kobawoo: spicy squid, kim chi pancakes, dol sot bi bim bap (all tasty).
Traditional bubble tea is a shaken, iced milk tea drink that can contain a unique ingredient - tapioca balls, to be consumed through a fat straw. When the tea is shaken, the bubbles are created, thus creating the namesake. The tapioca pearls also looked like bubbles, which is why many people mistakenly refer to the tapioca themselves as bubbles. When shaken, a bubbly foam is produced, thus producing the term “bubble tea” The gummy boba are sucked up, with a little effort, through an extra large, translucent straw. What began as a simple concoction now has infinite potential given the choices for tea flavors, boba flavors, smoothie flavors, choice of hot, cold, etc. These days, the tapioca balls are placed in everything from flavored ice tea, milk tea, chai, smoothies, chillers, coffee, and much more to make a drink that is also fun to eat! In addition to tapioca, it is also popular to put flavored jellies, pudding, etc into the drinks. The flavor combinations are endless!

Boba tea seems sort of girly, especially when you get it in one of those pastel flavors with little jelly cubes, but what the hell -- it tastes so damn good. And those glutinous tapioca balls are so satisfyingly gooey and chewy as you suck them up -- with a little effort -- and slosh the super sweet milk tea down around them. I put boba balls in pretty much everything I eat these days -- the flavor combinations are endless.

Don't miss BobaFate, where you can get your fortune read from your boba balls, and the Bobablog.


LC (not the one from "Laguna Beach") said...

Boba tea IS delicious -- lots here in SF. The place near me puts (dare I say it?) too much boba pearls in the tea, rendering my innards a mushy mass of tapioca and leaving me regretting my love of gnawing on the chewy pearls.
Incentive to visit -- I've been stalking my mom and have learned how to make a variety of tasty Korean dishes. Still haven't invested in the giant clay barrel for kimchi, as I have no yard in which to bury it.
Gotta run, I'm watching bowling on ESPN. (Awesome. TONS of bowling trash talking. Check it out.)

ivanomartin said...

Jennifer's friend's girlfriend told us that "boba" means "boobs" in Taiwan.


mhelbing said...

Any places to try this in NYC?

Octopus Grigori said...

mh: Plenty. See this directory of boba tea locations in Chinatown.

chanchow said...

Even better than your black tea boba was my chai tea boba. But it's is girlier, for sure.

Octopus Grigori said...

LC: What up, girlfriend? Bury the kimchi in Golden Gate Park. Or maybe up in Sonoma.

DN: Delicious.

CHANCHOW: You's is girlier, girlbuddy.