Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Deny, Attack, Rinse, Repeat

I am beginning to grudgingly admire the single-minded, maniacal, and mulish tenacity with which Bush and his talking point monkeys are sticking to their new attacks on war critics. It's like some type of political jujitsu: No, you're rewriting history, you Senators who authorized the war -- not we who created special offices to embellish and gin up the evidence to meet our agenda.

The strategy is reminiscent of other classic Republican cooptations of the left's rhetoric: You want civil rights? So do frat boys pissed at affirmative action. Don't discriminate against them, you racists! You oppose Clarence Thomas? You're a bunch of racists! You say we rewrote history and the facts in driving the country into Iraq and then constantly changing offering different "rationales" for the war? You're rewriting history and running away from your 2002 votes.

The Bush Administration has moved into full reality-denial, new-reality-creation mode. They will stay on the same message with Nicholson-in-The-Shining-like obstinacy and obliviousness until the public gives in and accepts, once again, that 2+2 does equal 5. Or, maybe they won't this time. (Holding your breath?)

And don't forget, criticizing the President hurts the troops and aids the evil Islamofascists. So shut up and do as your told.

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Anonymous said...

awesome, grig. David Corn has your back, right here (and this is well worth reading, my fellow Octopi):