Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ho ho ho

The holidays -- especially when you're hosting your family -- are a tough time to keep the old web log up to date. So sorry about that. One problem with modern Thanksgivings: everyone has too many damn gadgets. My family showed up with a glowing fiesta of cell phones, laptops, and Ipods, digital cameras, USB cables, and accompanying chargers, the wires to which immediately became -- as if by magic -- hopelessly tangled. This crazy world we live in today!

Sure, I'm writing from my laptop here, but this is important. My little brother and his goofy phone calls to his burnt college buddies? totally frivolous. A waste of perfectly good carbon bonds and/or fission juice.

My brothers were text messaging each other at the House of Pies the other night. Everyone's cell phone is going off every five minutes. My mom's phone is set to a ring tone that reads out, in a Stephen Hawking voice, the caller's number, which ends up sounding like the Frenchwoman's transmission from "Lost".

They're leaving tonight, and I'll miss them . . . but my broadband connection will be fast again.


mhelbing said...

I wish I had known six months ago that you watched Lost.

Anonymous said...

my friends are not burnt. im important

Octopus Grigori said...

ANONYMOUS: I'm sorry Mini Octopus, but some of them are. And some of them look like dodgy Beastie Boy knock-offs. But that's okay. You're 18 and gross. Live it up like a mutherf*cker!

You are very important. To me.