Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thump thump

Why do I do this everyday? No one needs another blog ranting about predictable political grievances.

Surely, a blog should serve a different purpose. All this free storage space in some archive, somewhere, should be used as just that -- an archive.

I should leave things here that fit nowhere else, that serve no purpose, that are of no interest to anyone but me.

For example, who would care about this: When I was about four, and living in Connecticut, my twin bed was pushed up flush against the wall. Near where I kept my pillow, I hung up a small poster of Superman I had found in a box of Honeycomb cereal. In the picture, Superman was flying straight toward me, leading with his gigantic right fist. I would stare at this picture as I fell asleep at night, and my eyes would open to it first thing in the morning.

Often, as I was trying to fall asleep, staring at the poster, the internal throb of my heartbeat would become very loud in my ears. Another memorable image from that year, a picture from one of my favorite books of a Tyrannosaurus Rex looking into a second-story window (to illustrate his height), would come into my mind, as I imagined the regular pounding of my heartbeat to be the thunderous steps of a dinosaur who was, through the night and the Connecticut forests, making his way to me.

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Héctor Ojeda said...

I´am Superman. Beautiful Blog, american friend. Good like.

I´am Bug Bunny friens alwais.