Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bad Dreams

The religion series continues tomorrow...

For many years know, I've been having this dream--I guess it's a nightmare--where I am in school, maybe high school, maybe college, and it's late in the semester and I begin to realize that I've just totally forgotten about one or maybe two of the classes I'm enrolled in. It's this weird thing where it sort of dawns on me that somewhere along the way I just stopped going to my calculus or Spanish class, and I haven't been in those classes for weeks, or maybe months. This realization puts me into a panic.

Every now and then the dream progresses to a point where I try to get my shit together and show up to the class I've been skipping for weeks, and I have to build up the courage to actually show my face in the class and take some pop quiz or look foolish. I think sometimes I even get to the point where I realize I am having the "forgotten class" dream again, but, even so, the dream never fails to freak me out. I usually wake up frantic, and it takes me a minute or so to collect myself and realize that I'm not in school and I haven't forgotten any classes.

I know this means something.


starbender said...

That is a very strange dream!
I luv dreams, but somehow, I
haven't had one in almost 7 yrs!
I miss them tremendously!

Alina Chau said...

I used to have those kind of dream while I was in school too!!

mhelbing said...

Although school and its related pressures are experienced by almost everyone these days, I am amazed that pretty much everyone I know has almost the exact same dream.

My typical school dream scenario: I am an adult, and somehow I've made it through high school and college without completing my final high school exams. I find myself in high school, crippled with fears that I am going to be found out, and that I will be stripped of my college degree.

Another common anxiety dream: teeth crumbling out. Terrible....

Octopus Grigori said...

Starbender: Very weird that you haven't had dreams for so long. You must sleep very soundly. I wouldn't feel so bad if I no longer had dreams--or remembered my dreams: most of them are pretty stressful.

Alina: Me, too. I don't know why I'm still having these dreams. I must be forgetting something in my real life.

MH: Yeah, I get the sense that this one is sort of common, like showing up places without your pants, teeth falling out, wolves in trees, flying (or floating/hovering), being driven in a car with no driver, etc. said...

similar dream with slight twist: did you ever fall asleep right after school(highschool that is) and wake up a few hours later...absolutely FRANTIC because you haven't finished your homework, studied for that test, and its time to go to school again! Relieved when you realize it's only 7pm or something like that.

Octopus Grigori said...

That was high school for me! I usually used to fall asleep at the wheel on the road home. Thank goodness there aren't too many people in Connecticut. I should never have survived high school.

Anonymous said...

I haven't in ages had any dreams I remembered when I woke up. Though, the teeth falling out dream is one I have had before. Also fingers detatching and being reattached like velcro or like a nose on a muppet. Also, I remember twice having a dream where I am not exactly running away or anything, just walking except that it is near impossible to walk and my limbs are like made from liquid lead, or the atmospheric pressure is like at the bottom of the sea and movements are in super slow motion and you feel like you're getting nowhere.

EJ regularly has dreams that aren't finished when she wakes up. So she goes right back to sleep in the hope of finding out what happens at the end. Impossible to get her out of bed on some weekend mornings.


Octopus Grigori said...

MK: I often have those heavy-limbed, can't really move dreams. Usually it's combined with my glasses being smashed and me not being able to see anything, only shadows and dark shapes.

I haven't had the detaching fingers and/or nose dream. That sounds pretty freaky. I wonder if, during the dream, that is frightening or just kind of strange and intriguing, sort of, oh, look, my fingers detach and reattach. I mean, if they reattach, no harm done!

Life would be better if we were built like Muppets. God knows life for Los Angelenos would be better: tired of that old honker? Why just rip it off and select a new one from our box of new noses! No need for tiresome and inconvenient surgery!

Of course, the drawback would be that we would be made of felt and would have peoples' hands up our butts manipulating our mouths and arms and we would all sound like Frank Oz. Wait, would it be a drawback to be made of felt?