Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Theme

An administrative post, with several points.

1. Coming in January, a new theme: science. And that will be "science" in a very broad, Museum of Natural History sense. There might be some math. And math anxiety. Science seems like a natural follow-up to a month of religion.

2. L.A.: Feeling worse and worse about having a car. Combine this with the fact that global warming and melting ice caps combined with the nefarious gravitational pull of the moon may actually be slowing down the rotation of the earth, and I am feeling super guilty. Well, is that so bad? days getting longer? Yes. I am still guilty. One of my resolutions [spoiler] will be to ride public transportation more often. But I love my Intrepid.

3. Still formulating my resolutions, which will be posted here. My resolutions will once again include my ludicrously overambitious list of books I plan/hope to read next year. Hopefully this will afford my audience (Hi Mom!) a chance to make fun of my reading predilections.

4. There will be at least one or two more religion posts, and they will be better than the last lame religion post I put up.

5. Swinging middle-aged Canadians? It's like a John Updike book gone horribly wrong -- in Canada.


chanchow said...

You've been talking about riding public transport for months! When's it going to happen?

Anonymous said...

Re: 1. carrying over a point made by mhelbing on chanchow, you should start with explaining the scientific method. There seems to be great need for remedial education.


ivanomartin said...

get on the train, ya bum!