Monday, December 26, 2005

Will it ever be 2008?

The Contenders?

The LA Times's always excellent Ronald Brownstein has a piece today on the contenders lining up on the left and right camps of the Dem. party to battle Hillary Clinton for the 2008 Democratic nomination. He singles out Mark Warner, former governor of Virginia (on the right) and Russ Feingold, senator from Wisconsin (on the left) as Hillary's most formidable contenders at this early date.

Feingold is appealing: he's intelligent, articulate, and seems worlds less pompous, plastic, and annoying than Kerry (or Al Gore the 2000 edition). He does face the potential electoral obstacles of being twice-divorced, a senator, and Jewish. Still, Feingold has tapped into the energy of the left, has emerged victorious in leading the fight against the Patriot Act (you have likely heard many times recently that he was the sole dissenting Senate vote against the Act back in 2001), and has emerged as the premier anti-war candidate as of today. This may play well against Clinton's strident pro-war, strong-on-defense stance; as always, it depends what happens in the next few years.

Version 2.0 in 2008?

Brownstein also notes in passing that Al Gore is still alive and, surprisingly, creating some excitement: "Gore, who insists he's not interested, is also generating buzz on the left by criticizing the war and raising impassioned alarms about global warming." I know I will be dismissed as a crackpot for this, but the OG is giving you the heads up to watch out for Gore in 2008. During a recent trip out to L.A., Gore generated a lot of excitement: Hollywood supporters noted his passionate position against the war and his sterling credentials on the ever more menacing and threatening issue of global warming. In his more recent manifestations, including late in last year's presidential election, Gore has seemed reenergized, rejuvenated, and, probably most importantly, comfortable with himself. Al Gore is a very smart politician with a great deal of vitally important expertise--if he can break out of his animatronic persona of 2000, he will be a very appealing candidate.


Anonymous said...

Who do you think will run for the fascists? Condi?


Octopus Grigori said...

They may transplant John McCain's face onto Dick Cheney and run him.

Just kidding!

I think the probable contenders at this point are McCain, Mitt Romney, and Bill Frist. I'm not really sure beyond that. I don't really know. Besides McCain and Romnney, I think the pool pretty much sucks.

If they could also transplant Rick Santorum's heart into Cheney, we might be talking . . . .

brand avenue said...

Hi Octopus,

I've been meaning to belatedly thank you for the comment awhile back...thanks!

I don't know about you, but I thought the recent Feingold comment about Bush being "the president, not a king" was music to my ears.

As a current constituent of Mitt Romney, however, I'm pretty worried about his potential to seduce people. His Guy Smiley plastic looks and public proclamations of faith are totally dangerous. It's too perfect: a conservative! From "ultra-liberal" Massachusetts! Unlike that other guy who we defeated in 2004! If they elected him, he can't be that bad!

Am I missing the publicity for Mark Warner? I hear his name mentioned, but haven't ever seen an interview, etc.