Sunday, January 08, 2006

Octopicks: The Go! Team

Was there any album released in 2005 more jacked up with ecstatic joy than The Go! Team's "Thunder, Lightning, Strike"? There is no way. The Go! Team cannot be defeated.

I've had this album for about two months now. I think it has single-handedly kept my mood and heartbeat elevated through the past few weeks of the dull daily grind in the law mines.

The Go! Team sounds like Boards of Canada if they got hopped up on coke, snorted Pixie Sticks, drank too many Red Bulls and began to form human pyramids and do backflips. Many songs feature a chorus that sounds like it was teleported from "The Electric Company" shouting or rapping with preternatural enthusiasm.

It is simply impossible to be unhappy while listening to The Go! Team. It makes me hop up and down in my seat as I drive back from work and makes me enthusiastic about--everything! If everyone listened to this album, everyone would be way happier but lines at the gym would be way too long. Everyone would be pumping up and wanting to toss other people into the air in synchronized formations. I'm jumping up and down just thinking about it.


hh said...

yay! those crazy kids.
have you seen their nifty website too?!

Octopus Grigori said...

Yeah! I linked to it! Yay! Go! Hooray!

hh said...

oh yea...i overlooked the link! anyway, i enjoy the album, though i'm not so into track 6 (i think?)...the SUPER cheerleader-y one. otherwise the rest is good good fun! does it make you feel like you want to participate in team sports? when i listen, i feel an urge to play patty cakes (an advanced version, with hand holds, double-claps, etc.)...