Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Octopus World at this Minute

Be careful what you wish for. Congressman wants to build a fence along the U.S. border with Canada, pissing off the CBC. This was the longest unprotected border in the world. Earwax can tell you a lot. Europeans and Africans have wet earwax. Asians have dry earwax. The theory is that Asians adapted to cold climates long ago. This, the theory says, is also why their nostrils are smaller. Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles. I still don't believe I live here.

I bought too much music at Amoeba Music a few weeks ago. Is it good for you to drink a beer a day? I am very happy that the Museum of African American history has received a place of honor on the Mall in Washington, right next to the Washington Monument. This seems eminently appropriate. Elections in Nepal in the face of Maoist rebels. Orhan Pamuk. Doesn't everyone respect Oprah? How many avid readers has she created through her book club? I will never mock Oprah. Don't blink, but Bernanke (who looks like Karl Marx/Papa Smurf sort of high on something) was also confirmed by the Senate today.

His mission: keep inflation low, employment high. But how long can we run high trade and budget deficits while keeping inflation low? It depends on the willingness of other countries to continue investing in U.S. instruments and stocking reserves of dollars, but pull that away (especially as foreign countries begin to smell the end) and you have crowding out, higher interest rates, a corresponding hit to the housing market, a corresponding hit to consumer spending as all that imagined housing value goes kerplop.

"Once when among those rebels in a state of hopelessly helpless intoxication the piscivore strove to lift a czitround peel to either nostril, hiccuping, apparently impromptued by the hibat he had with his glottal stop, that he kukkakould flowrish for ever by the smell, as the czitr, as the kcedron, like a scedar, of the founts, on mountains, with limon on, of Lebanon."

Q-Tip. Get it?

Missed the State of the Union. What did he say? Is the War over? Have we won? Is he converting? Is it Miller Time?

Expectant Monkey Dads Get Chubby.

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