Thursday, March 16, 2006

Man, Do I Suck at Basketball

Man, do I suck at basketball. I played with my firm basketball team tonight. I hadn't played in a month and a half or so. A few weeks back, I was in a good groove; I was even doing some deep thinking about my jumpshot. (Just scroll down, I am too tired to link right now.) But anyway, I was worried about my reconstructed-ACL left knee. Work's been crazy hectic and I haven't had time to do the necessary weights to maintain the muscles around the knee. I was a little worried that the whole contraption would snap in two again tonight, so I strapped on my Robocop/Forrest Gump ACL brace.

The thing is made out of space-age plastic and is relatively light, but it sort of slows you down to have a two and a half foot piece of equipment attached to your leg. (Not to mention the way it drastically limits your ability to floss.) Our team was small tonight, so, just for kicks, they had me play center. That was fun. Mostly I tried to effectively foul the other team's big men when they came into the paint. Sadly, I didn't have any occasion to do my finger wave after batting a shot into the stands. I scored no points, but had a couple rebounds, and I think one assist. I was scrappy, though.

I'm looking for some light at the end of my work misery. When it comes, I will work on my game and be able to post more triumphant post-game reports. I may even be able to work my way back to my smaller, more stylish knee brace.


Binns said...

Wait a minute... Ron. You FOULED someone? GET OUT! I think you set a record during JV basketball back in '90.

Octopus Grigori said...

Damn. I thought all records of my JV basketball experience had been properly purged. Now you've gone and posted them on the Internets for all posterity to contemplate and mock my JV basketball abilities. And as you well know, my dear Binns, I always fouled with a certain elan. There was no shame in my game.