Thursday, April 27, 2006

Beyond Thunderdome

Gas prices have dropped a little in the past few days, but they will surely continue to rise and no one knows how to stop them from going up.

I'm beginning to gather shoulder padding and catcher's masks for the coming Armageddon.


jose said...

oh, shush. if you have a thing for wearing football gear in public, just be OUT about it and rejoice. i'll buy you some nice gloves with the fingers cut off.

there aren't going to be australian badlands in the central valley. there's going to be a profound interest in bio-fuels. these are mexican and mexican-americans we're talking about (in the central valley). they're going to find a way to stay in business and stay alive.

junebee said...

Maybe this will convince my husband to let me get a motorcycle. Then I need some leather, and let's see, a young guy with a mohawk on the back...hey...I'm gettin' to LIKE these high gas prices!

Gotta go and dye a piece of my hair blonde...

Octopus Grigori said...

Jose: LOL

Junebee: LOL again.

I am going to laugh my way all the way to the rising ocean particle-filled air oblivion. I will be wearing protective padding.