Thursday, April 13, 2006

There's no such thing as a "Neocon"

With all of the exciting buzz building about a possible attack on Iran, perhaps it’s time for a quick refresher on those stalwart guardians of American security, the Neocons! The Christian Science Monitor, that shamelessly leftist, America-hating, terrorist-loving rag has a handy summary of Neocon ideology (guess what, they advocate regime change in both Iraq and Iran! Wish granted!) and a roster of leading lights in the Neocon movement.

However, in reviewing these dubious materials, keep in mind that David Brooks has clearly advised us all that Neocons do not know each other (even though Elliot Abrams is married to Norman Podhoretz’s daughter, the Neocons write books together, and virtually all of the Neocons worked for Sen. Henry “Scoop” Jackson) and do not in fact exist. Move along, nothing to see here! (Of course, Brooks later said he was just joking in his column, and didn’t really mean to suggest that anyone who criticized the non-existent Neocon agenda was anti-Semitic.) Josh Marshall did a fine job tearing Brooks a new one about his inane column, as did Michael Lind in the Nation.

The upshot of all this water under the bridge? The water is not under the bridge. The Neocons still have enormous influence on this administration and the administration’s actions line up with uncanny exactitude to the Neocon’s agenda. The Neocons are clamoring for more war, for more regime change – building on our fantastic success in Iraq! So anyway, the gentle reader can decide for herself: Occam’s Razor or some lengthier, more involved explanation? I know! Let's ask David Brooks to instruct us on reality.

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