Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Weltschmerz, again?!

Oh, what's the matter with the OG? I'm so zapped. All I want to do all day is kid around. I cannot bring myself to give a hoot about anything serious at all. What the f*ck is the point? The OG desires to do nothing but eat and poop and sip smoothies and coffee while reading old Doonesbury comics. Is that so wrong? Why must the OG produce and create value? The OG was under the impression that he was inherently valuable. Does not the OG exothermically radiate value simply by continuing not to die?

That's okay. It's all right. I need the massive bummer of work for contrast. It helps enliven the OG's free time, which becomes so much more satisfying because of its relative scarcity. The OG will continue to accept his place in the universal mechanism and serve that role, begrudgingly, but relatively punctually.


chanchow said...

chanchow understands your dilemma. lately, chanchow has been doing not much more than eating, pooing and reading the da vinci code. work may soon change all that fears chanchow.

csw said...

In solidarity, csw has for several months been conducting a sympathy boycott of All Things Work Related. Although csw occasionally attends the workplace, csw simple pretends to labor, but in actuality spends the majority of office time daydreaming, constructing a cartoon-related website, surfing eBay, and quietly cutting out early.

Octopus Grigori said...

Thank you for your support.