Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Cucumber

There's a giant zucchini floating overhead.

"Look, there's a giant cucumber floating over our heads."

"I think that's a zucchini."

"It's hard to tell from here."

The zucchini roars up into the sky.

"Look, there goes the cucumber."

"It's sort of big for a cucumber."

"It's sort of big for a zucchini."

The zucchini floats back down, closer to the earth, and begins doing curlicues and loops.

"It looks like the cucumber is writing, like in cursive or something."

"Maybe it wants to become famous and avoid being eaten at the state fair."

"I think it would win a prize at the state fair. If it didn't have talent, it would just get 'harvested', you know, when golden summer finally began fading into brittle fall, as the days began to wane and the earth began to get quiet."

"I really love zucchini bread."

"I think it's trying to communicate with us. I think it's saying 'I am a cucumber.'"

The zucchini is forming an exclamation mark, with him as the dot.

"How do you like that?"

"It's very emphatic for a vegetable."

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