Thursday, May 11, 2006

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World

MTV -- bastion of totally righteous American freedom -- refused to play M.I.A.'s video for "Sunshowers" because of her reference to the Palestinian Liberation Organization:
Performing as M.I.A., Arulpragasam recently shrugged knowingly as MTV refused her "Sunshowers" video. "I was told that they took issue with the overall atmosphere of the song, not just the 'like PLO we don't surrendo' line."
Austin Chronicle. See also Washington Post:
Sunshowers," sampling a vintage track by Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band, was banned by MTV because of the lyrics "you wanna go? you wanna winna war? Like PLO, I don't surrendo."

Thanks, Viacom, for reminding us of what's important: American Freedom. See also Cancellation of the play "My Name is Rachel Corrie" at the New York Theater Workshop.

Welcome to America, 2006. A nice place to visit, but . . . .


ivanomartin said...

Sorry--but this kinda sounds like a phony controversy generated by some record label promotions guy. Bands (and their publicity people) have been coming up with "banned by the BBC"-type stories since the 60s (and probably before that). Who knows why MTV wouldn't play the record?--there's no quote or source from MTV.

Octopus Grigori said...

Yeah, maybe you're right . . . it's all made up, or, MTV was upset about something else, or the WPost's and the Austin Chronicle's journalism was shoddy, or, several other possible reasons: "MTV also questioned the subtext of "salt and pepper my mango," which turned out to be culinary rather than sexual." WPost.

I know that if I were MTV, "salt and pepper my mango" would definitely raise my eyebrows. . . .