Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Let's Hug

My little brown friend.


You are dressed so neatly.

Oh, you mean this shirt? It's the only one I own.

But you value what you have. That is good.

I don't ask for a lot.

And your shoes. They're worn, but well maintained. You've had them resoled, haven't you?

Why, yes, I have. They're a perfectly good pair of shoes.

This fills me with a warm feeling. I appreciate your humble, thrifty goodness.

Sometimes, I think, what if things were different? What if I were tall and fair? What if I could laugh nonchalantly the way those tall fair people do, with their witty asides? What if I had that unimpeachable accent? What if I could wear roll turtlenecks?

But you don't let it get you down.

No, I don't. I remind myself to be happy with what I have. I shine my shoes. I smile a lot, hoping other people will smile back.

That's the way.

Sometimes, I wonder what I am.

You're just a man, trying to do his job, trying to get by, playing by the rules.

I suppose you're right. But I feel some days that I've lost my way.

Here. Take this.


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