Monday, June 05, 2006

Soccer Madness

Soccer soccer soccer! I’ve been swept up into full on World Cup year soccer madness. After several months of going without soccer, I hit upon a Craigslist bonanza of teams looking for players and I think I have now officially signed up for three different teams. There’s one based in Pasadena, a bunch of European and Latin guys, another in LA with snazzy uniforms and a 30 and over team, and, finally, a co-ed team. I have quickly become obsessed with all of my new teams. The Pasadena team has a blog and I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time commenting on the blog on our first friendly yesterday (we lost) and possible alternate formations we could try to shore up our strength in the midfield. I’ve even gone on a recruiting spree, trying to find quality players to boost the Pasadena team.

I’m just hoping I don’t injure myself in all this excitement.

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hh said...

i hear there's going to be some mad frenchman on your team. hopefully he won't be screaming viva la france.