Friday, June 30, 2006

There's no place like home.

We are moved into the new house. We are still working on the house and will be working on the house for the foreseeable future. There are a number of projects on our list. I think I got a splinter from the newly finished floors last night. The kitchen is lined with old, cracked, ugly linoleum, and the cabinet layout was designed by someone with a malicious sense of humor.

We took several metal awnings off the windows and, in the process, took away some of the face of the house. Just paint and stuff mostly, but it doesn't look nice. The garage was used for years as an office/guest room and smells of dog. A lot. Only half the windows have blinds or drapes. We haven't yet unpacked 40% of our boxes.

The exhaust vent from our hot water heater is not angled properly, so the serviceman from the Gas Company, who came out to turn the heater pilot light back on after it had gone out after the guys bolting our house (seismic retrofitting) accidentally turned off the gas to the house by tripping the seismic-gas-shut-off, told us that we couldn't (or shouldn't) run the hot water heater until we had had a plumber come in and fix the exhaust vent. The service guy said he couldn't leave the pilot light on because of the noncompliant vent, but he did show me how to turn it on myself, sort of leaving the safety decision up to me. I left it off and called some plumbers and we have been taking cold showers. Which is okay, because it is about 103 degrees here every day now.

There are loose wires in the attic. About half of the electric sockets don't work. SBC and AT&T have merged which means -- for me, the pathetic customer -- that they seem to have laid off about half their customer service staff, leading to loads of confusion (you have to call the "new" AT&T if you were a former SBC customer; if you call the "old" AT&T, you will be lost in transfer limbo forever) and -- I am not exaggerating -- 35 minutes waiting on hold to cancel a repair appointment.

It does cool down in the evenings.

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