Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What happens when you allow people to post for free

Month after month after month, time barrels forward, gaining speed, leaving behind fond memories of meals, sunny days, sleepy mornings, pleasant rides. Leaving behind a trail of paper and words and numbers. Brush your teeth, pay your bills, return phone calls, remember birthdays -- save the world.

I wish I could get off for a few days, survey the scene. The future is always barging in. The past is still unsettled, so rich with details we missed the first time around. There's not nearly enough time in the present to prepare and reflect. Instead, we save.

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Anonymous said...

“...he had held many matters simultaneously in mind—as people do. Now consciousness devolved on each event in turn, as if the episodes considered over years were being dismissed, one by one. It was enfeebling to him to think of people throughout the world reconsuming their experience, over and over: memory, regret, ideas, pleasures hurrying like caged mice. What emanates from crowds as a seething.”
Shirley Hazzard, The Great Fire