Monday, July 17, 2006

One-on-One Pictionary

Mrs. Octopus and I were bored the other night, unable to think of anything to do on a Saturday night in Los Angeles. So I suggested one-on-one Pictionary. Mrs. Octopus very aptly objected that one-on-one Pictionary wouldn't make any sense.

I thought, for some reason, that it would be the funniest thing ever. As I imagined it, one player would be drawing the answer, trying desperately to get his opponent to blurt out the answer -- perhaps from the sheer persuasiveness and power of the drawing. The drawer would draw and gesticulate furiously, and the guesser would either stay silent or make wildly inaccurate guesses. The guesser making wildly inaccurate guesses would run the risk that the drawer was drawing the opposite of what the clue was, and that by trying to be funny, the guesser would stumble into the actual answer.

I don't know if it would be even more fun the other way round: the drawer would draw nothing or something incomprehensible or totally misleading and the guesser would try his hardest to somehow come up with the right clue, throwing out guess after guess. Similar strategies as in the prior scenario would come into play.

We are going to update our Netflix queue.

1 comment:

hh said...

Ummm...DNA and stick figures with an arrow. SON or DAUGHTER!?! it's so great how versatile and prominent the stick (wo)man can become in pictionary.