Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday Evening Post

I know that everything is going to fucking hell. And I know that, some time ago, this blog would have been aglow with my fury. The misery and the injustice -- and the future reckoning -- seem all too plain for even the most casual observer.

So instead, I continue to try to amuse you. This morning, lying in bed, I read one of the funniest things I've come across in years: Montaigne coming to the defense of the penis:
We have reason to remark the untractable liberties taken by this member, which intrudes so tiresomely when we do not require it and fails us so annoyingly when we need it most, imperiously pitting its authority against that of the will, and most proudly and obstinately refusing our solicitations both mental and manual. Yet if on being rebuked for rebellion and condemned on that score he were to engage me to plead his cause, I might perhaps cast some suspicion on our other members, his fellows, of having framed this fictitious case against him out of pure envy of the importance and pleasure attached to his functions.
From "On the Power of the Imagination".

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