Monday, August 21, 2006

Change is Good for the Octopus

The Octopus is hurting right now. In a very strange turn of events, an anonymous blogger posted, on a friend's blog, an evaluation of Octopus Grigori, complete with grade. Octopus Grigori was thoroughly panned.

Here is the assessment, and it's not pretty:

1.Content: personal views on politics, culture, news items, personal endeavors. Classic personal blog content.
2.Format: sometimes just photos, sometimes photos and words, sometimes links and words.
3.Frequency: High
4.Voice: unfettered personal exposition without much of a stylistic voice, but the heavy political and social content leads to a certain viewpoint.


The jumbled and explosive nature of this blog is not for the faint of heart and the mishmash of whatever seems to come into the writer’s orbit makes it into the blog at an alarming rate. This is a topical blog with so many topics, it is a little hard to get a handle on the point, but there is no reason it should not be entertaining for those acquainted with the writer. Unlikely that a stranger would return except in the case of someone looking for a real, raw blog experience.

Yes, sometimes we are "jumbled and explosive". Granted, many disparate topics fall into the irresistible gravity of our "orbit . . . at an alarming rate." And it is undeniable that this is "a real, raw blogg[ing] experience."

But we are not upset for long. We admit some narcissistic fascination with reading a stranger's evaluation of Octopus Grigori, even if the verdict was bad. Mystery Critic's assessment is a much needed wake-up call. We respect Mystery Critic's opinion because this critic appears to be someone totally unconnected with the Octopus who has done some significant background research. Mystery Critic seems to know what he or she is talking about. So, it is resolved: the Octopus will be scattered no more. No, from this day forward, the Octopus will commit himself, for all time, to one theme.

What will this one theme be, you ask, to which the Octopus will swear fealty, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health? Why, the bus, of course, where your chastened blogger now sits, posting through his tears. Starting today, all Octopus Grigori posts will be bus-related. This topic will encompass observations made on the way to, waiting for, riding, and leaving the bus. It will include thoughts and dreams the Octopus has on the bus. It will include bus history, bus-themed anecdotes, and fun bus facts.

Goodbye, miscellany. Farewell, farrago of ideas. We now scale back our ambition, we give up naïve hopes of encyclopedic mastery. Instead, we will endeavor to know and fully document one small corner of the universe: the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bus Number 81, between downtown and Eagle Rock.


Caeli said...

oh, come one, this is the same "grader" who gave a travelogue blog an A+ on the basis of the blogger's trip seeming "fun and stress-free."

What sort of respectability can a critic like that warrant? (I've nothing against a travelogue blog, but it's just a bunch of posted photos!) Zero, methinks. Your blog rules. If I want stress-free, I'll do yoga.

MK said...

OG, that's idiotic. Why should we succumb to the imposed idiocy of all the over-specialized one-trick ponies around us who are only capable of engaging intelligently on one single subject, if at all? Live richly and write on all that inspires you. Renaissance men, step forward! Death to the Fachidioten!

Justin said...

Pay no attention, G Money. Anyone who gives a travelogue an A+ clearly has issues. Who the hell wants to read about someone else enjoying themselves while traveling? I do like the bus idea, though.

chanchow said...

Why are you taking Mystery Critic's opinion so seriously? Seems like you are overreacting to one stranger's view of your blog.

If you are looking for a theme, then the 81 bus is as good as any. I agree that having a theme may make your blog more appealing to the faceless masses; however, random posts about your views on this and that are more interesting to those who know you.