Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Octopus Carpool

We're driving by lovely Echo Park right now -- I'm carpooling with Mrs. Octopus. Some of the lotus are still in bloom, the ducks are quacking, people are sitting around on the grass wasting time. We're stuck in a mini-traffic jam on Glendale, the congestion before the entrance to the 2.

We're right near the Echo Park branch of the LA public library. It looks like a pretty nice branch, but I'm somehow destined never to go inside: it seems to be closed all the time.

Mrs. Octopus's Jetta is much cleaner than the bus, and I don't even need to walk down the piss-smelling steps by Angels Flight to get picked up. But our hours are difficult to coordinate, so I'll probably be back on the 81 again tomorrow.

Time to get gas. Prepare the AmEx card.

I hate pumping gas. Well, that was fun. 11.88 gallons=$37.54.


MK said...

Mmmmh. Clean car. Dirty bus. See, I told you. Soon you'll be driving everywhere. That's how it all starts... (I can't believe driver plus one passenger is considered a carpool in LA!)

BTW, your links are all gone. Blogspot being buggy?

Octopus Grigori said...

My links sometime disappear to the bottom of the page. Who knows why? Not me!

I don't deserve to ride in the clean car. I belong on the dirty bus. Bad blogger goes on the dirty bus. Walk in pee. Touch germs. Why you so Dirty, Bus!?