Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Upwardly Mobile

The 81 was cool and quick this morning, and I was deposited on Hill St. downtown before I had a chance to fully settle in and get my blogging fired up.

The piss-smelling steps to the left of Angels Flight

Sitting side by side at the foot of the piss-smelling Angels Flights steps this morning, one man showed his friend how to play a scratch-off game. The other night, a young man romanced his inamorata mid-way down the steps among the zoo stink. Sometimes I try to hold my breath as I go down the stairs.

It looks like they are making progress on the renovations to Angels Flight. It may be in operation again sometime soon. More on that later.

1 comment:

hh said...

Damn the piss smells! When I come to and go from work, I use this "shortcut"...this little woodchip and dirt path between the bushes in front of my building. I wonder who the fuck pisses here all the time. all the squirrels don't mind though, they hang out and eat the leftover sandwiches and burritos right in the middle of it. i usually hold my breath when i walk through, it's only five seconds though, not as long as your walk up angels flight. i don't even have to remember to do it anymore, i start a second before i enter the zone.