Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who's going to drive you home tonight?

Had to drive into work to go to a meeting down in Orange County today, so again, no bus this morning. My stupid car. The Intrepid is a decent car, but it's so huge and awful and lumbering. It feels like you're driving a sofa. And this piece of plastic underneath the fender is falling off and drags along on the ground as I drive. Sometimes I stuff it back into the fender, but then it falls back down again. I'm tempted to just cut it off, but then I worry that maybe it serves some purpose and if I cut it off the Intrepid will suffer irreparable damage of some sort. Do they have random pieces on cars that just don't matter? I guess they do.

I am nominating this for dumbest post ever on Octopus Grigori. I think I'll ride the bus back tonight. Perhaps I'll give a report on the 81 on this penultimate Thursday evening in August.


MK said...

You can probably get a cheap replacement part from a junkyard somewhere.

Octopus Grigori said...

See, that's exactly why I put a picture of Oscar on the post. I'll soon be driving a pile of junk held together by rope and duct tape. Not all of us can tool around in a Mercedes.