Sunday, September 03, 2006

2006: Where the Fuck Are the Flying Cars? (Or Buses?)

Okay. So maybe this question's been asked before. But seriously, what is the point of this whole forward march of time bullshit if things only get worse? The world is more dangerous and polluted, the weather's getting miserably hotter, our leaders more idiotic and deranged, and we Americans ever fatter, dumber, and more arrogant.

What do our crazy ass fellow Americans want? What do the idiots who drive Escalades and listen to Hannity on the radio fervently desire? Do they look forward to fucking Armageddon? Do they want to "win" the war on terror by bombing and invading Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and, oh, maybe Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Malaysia, etc.? Best of luck!

I don't blame these people too much. They're scared and stupid. They have no better ideas. Let's imagine that this is just like WWII and we can bomb the fuck out of everything and then we can go back to driving Suburbans and getting fat in peace and satisfaction. Well, we'll also want to deport all the illegals. And stop outsourcing everything to India. And prevent China from becoming the world's next superpower.

This isn't making a whole ton of sense. I'm feeling a bit despondent this Labor Day weekend. We're far from the good old 81, down in Julian, California, an old gold mining town in the mountains outside San Diego, now famous for its apples and apple pie. The town's charm, I guess, is that it's like going back in time to an old small town out in the sticks (i.e., general store, ancient hotels, horse-drawn carriages, etc.). It seems to be immensely popular, this whole going back to the good old days thing. And I understand the comfort in that, especially now: I think we'd all like to pretend we're not where we are, and not heading where we are.

They say it sometimes still snows here in Julian.


Anonymous said...

Don't blame me. I'm leaving this damn country.


MK said...

Somehow I think the idiots who drive Escalades are pimps and don't listen to any sort of political radio. The guys who listen to Hannity drive F350s and Camaros.

K. Widge(r) said...

The other day in the park I was watching these two kids (not older than 3 years old I'd guess) driving around in their mini, battery powered, chrome rimmed Escalade. It was cute, but c'mon that's depressing. Actually, I've seen the Hummer version of this toy too now that I think of it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! That's more like it!

Octopus Grigori said...

=c-: Take me with you!

MK: That's true.

Widge: At least they're driving electric cars? Maybe it was a hybrid.

Second Anonymous: Who the heck are you? Don't encourage me!

Anonymous said...

Fuck y'all my escapades 26s will push ur hondas off the road and just maybe if ur 4 bangers can break away from my 6.0 vortec I'll slide off in my 07 boss mustang completely racing tuned just to waste a lil more gas while I'm screaming by you with a kush blunt in my mouth I'm an American ur a pussy.

Anonymous said...

But seriously my escalade is worthnmore than ur entire life bitches eat ur rabbit food and bitch about emissions go give al gore a rim job