Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Have Camera, Will Commute

A day in the life of the 81 from Eagle Rock to Downtown.

Onto the bus at 7:06 or so in the morning. Pretty empty when it picks me up in Eagle Rock. It usually also smells like some kind of industrial strength deodorizer. It's probably sterilized overnight.

Early morning sun over Highland Park through scratchiti on the bus window. This is what I look at as I resign myself to another day of drudgery.

The bus drops me off near the steps up Angels Flight. This is the view from the bottom of the steps looking up, which, for whatever reason, looks a lot like the view from the top looking down. The quotidian grind will do that to things. Up, down, what's the difference? You're just running a little circuit to nowhere.

It's now the end of the day, and I've just left my building. All those hours between 7 in the morning and 7 at night? Lost for all time. I'm looking up at the nearly identical tower across from my office building. These towers were designed, for some reason, to look flat. I'm sure that helps earthquake-proof them somehow. How long can people be excited about this effect? What was the point of making these towers look flat from certain angles? Just for kicks? To satisfy some obscure theoretical urge of the architect's? I'm convinced it's very bad feng shui.

Speaking of which, as I cross Grand, I look north to see Frank Gehry's Disney Center billowing out into the street. Probably better feng shui there, with the near absence of straight lines. I don't know. I'm not an expert.

The view from the top of the steps at Angels Flight, looking down. Looks a lot like the view from this morning. Feels like I was just here. At least the way down is easier. Although, it tends to stink a bit more at night.

There is always a lot of rustling in the weeds and tall grass bordering the stairs. This is one of the guys responsible. These guys seem to thrive among the trash and piss lining the Angels Flight stairs. It's so cliched, how the graffiti and the piss and the rats go together. So stock.

The stinky pee trail down the Angels Flight stairs.

The Angels Flight railcar renovation seems to be getting closer to completion. They started turning on the lights on this arch at night a few weeks back. I find the lit arch, under all that construction, sort of hopeful and uplifting. The railcars will run again sometime soon.

The view from the bus stop, up at the gleaming power structures on Bunker Hill, and the Library Tower.

Here it is. The 81 in all its glory.

The 81 at night. With plasma TV and young people in love.


hh said...

cool...the 81 looks so disco in that one picture. i think that you should instingate a chinese fire drill one day! haha. though hopefully the busdriver ends up back in his own seat!

so do people who work in your building look like the groovisions superflat people?

the mouse in your pic looks just like the mouse we saw running by us at the silverlake pho cafe last weekend! eeeep! (don't worry, i don't think they have a rodent problem, we were sitting by an open back door.)

jose said...

loved this post but esp. the last two photos

Octopus Grigori said...

Thanks, guys. The 81 always looks disco like that. It's kind of amazing. It looks even better when it's flying.