Monday, October 09, 2006

All work and no play makes the Octopus want to defenestrate himself

This work bullshit has to stop. I cannot take it anymore. It's 11:20 and I'm here in the office. I'll have to work super late tomorrow night, wake up at 5 on Wednesday to travel, stay up late working Wednesday and Thursday, try to fly back on Friday, probably work all this weekend. Next week will be no better.

I am seriously wondering if this is all worth it. What's the point?

I am closing my eyes right now and imagining the future. As soon as I write these words, they fall into the past. At some point, not long from now, I will be riding the 81 in the morning light again, going to work with no anxiety, riding home at a decent hour. The time between now and then will pass, and when I am on the 81, all the pain and horror of these past weeks will be a distant memory. The time will have been like nothing.

Or, I could end up working to death. We'll see.

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K. Widge(r) said...

I thought things in LA were supposed to be all laid-back.