Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I am the Octopus

Hear me roar. I haven't taken the bus in days. I should start eating red meat again, wearing a lot of leather, and smoking. Maybe voting Republican. Work has been a frenzied madhouse for a week or two now, with no respite in sight. I've been forced to drive, going in early and driving home on empty freeways after midnight. I fear that all of this bodes poorly for the development of Octopus Grigori.

What is the Octopus Grigori? The question has never really been asked. What does he want? Why does he exist? What does he eat? How would one describe his personal smell? Do his dreams have sound? Is he currently in violation of any state or federal laws? Are his opinions representative of the ownership and management of this site? Does he require assistance in the event of a water landing? How many ostensibly "ironic" or "funny" questions can he ask about himself? Is it only the Octopus that gets somewhat giddy with the hall-of-mirrors solipsism of posts like this one? Will he be wanting fries with that? How much is he currently paying for long-distance service?

Enough. The Octopus will return. Until then.


Justin said...

I'd settle for knowing how he got his name.

Toddy said...

I'd rather not know outright.
The blogs are enough.

Octopus Grigori said...

Justin: He ripped it off.

Toddy: Fair enough.