Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Octopus listens to crickets in Eagle Rock

I'm sitting in my new favorite chair in the "study" at our place in Eagle Rock. It's a Danish style chair with orange cushions faded from sunlight (the color of the cushions matches the pale orange of the walls of the study). I paid way too much for this chair at the flea market they have at the Rose Bowl the first Sunday of every month.

I had intentions of driving a harder bargain -- starting at less than half the price the vendor had written on the little sticker on the chair -- but the vendor had his wife and his two little kids with him, and they were sitting in his moving truck eating ice cream: I didn't want to be some kind of horrific yuppie monster, driving a hard bargain on my coveted retro Scandinavian furniture and taking money away from the father of these cute kids. So I bargained like a patsy and got taken. Instead of yuppie monster I was class-guilt-ridden yuppie sucker. I'm sure the kids got more ice cream.

Very much like this, but with orange cushions.

Whatever, it was worth it. Now I have a chair I like to read in on sunny afternoons. There are lots of windows in the study. At night it's pretty quiet back here: just the whirr of the ceiling fan and the electric buzz of the crickets in the backyard. For a moment, I'm forgetting my current travails and allowing myself to pretend that everything is all right.


K. Widge(r) said...

This is my favorite style of armchair. We have one too, with orange cushions in fact. I don't sit in it much. Mainly I just look at it and enjoy it.

chanchow said...

Hey, that looks just like our chair. Nicely done. Pretty sure the Rose Bowl Flea Market is the second Sunday of every month.

Anonymous said...

So did something good actually happen?!

Toddy said...

I like chairs.