Thursday, November 02, 2006

Back on the Bus

It smells a bit like pee on the bus tonight. Speaking of which, as I was walking down the Angels Flight stairs in the dark tonight -- even in Los Angeles we have to endure the darkness of November -- I was thinking, as I do from time to time, of how this stupid blog will pretty much ensure that I will never have any future in politics (or in the judiciary) if I ever wanted to go down that road. (And I currently can't imagine that I ever would want to go down that road.) But I think it's really too bad that the opinions I've expressed on this blog, along with the general weirdness here, would almost certainly be dredged up someday if I ever decided to run for any kind of office and pretty much doom my chances.

Blogging presents an unprecedented ability to broadcast one's opinions, but also a system that records -- forever somewhere -- every stupid thing you've ever said online. Many people who would otherwise want to blog probably do not for the very reasons I'm discussing: they don't want to be burdened by their informally presented opinions and statements, like some unfortunately chosen tattoo, decades later.

This whole discussion is stupid because I will never go into politics, but the consideration that my opinions and views, as expressed on this blog, would pretty much bar me from most public office bummed me out. I think that reality says something about my opinions and a lot about the political environment of America today. There's a narrow band of what is acceptable to think or say, and that band is carefully policed, guarded, and continually narrowed by those who believe it in their best interest to suppress certain thoughts and ideas.

And it is the sense that all of this -- even if this blog is eventually "deleted" -- will be available someday that freaks me out sometime and, inevitably, affects what I write. Is it unimaginable that the government (or others) will seek to target those deemed insufficiently supportive of the War on Terror? Will posting articles critical of neocon organizations one day be considered as providing "material support" to the "Enemy"? For whatever reason, these outcomes do not seem impossible to me. I do often fear posting about my religious beliefs (or lack thereof) for fear that one day, all "believers" of a certain faith may be rounded up. Again, not inconceivable to me.

The world is going to hell. This administration has successfully created an atmosphere of fear and entirely justified paranoia. We are given fair warning to watch what we say and what we do. And in doing so, we keep our mouths shut and do not utter thoughts deemed unacceptable.

Welcome to America, 2006.

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MK said...

Somewhere, someone is printing out all your blog entries and keeping a file for posterity, lest the blogspot servers should fail. Muhahaha