Friday, November 03, 2006

The Fickle Octopus

My problem is that I am a dilettante. Just a little bit interested in everything, don't really know very much about any one thing.

I am about to give up on the bus theme, I think. There's only so much I can do with it. I will, of course, continue to ride the 81 -- I just don't know how much more I will have to say about it. As one of my friends mentioned to me, the whole blogging on the bus thing was a bit Harriet the Spy. (Not to say that there's anything wrong with Harriet the Spy, which was one of my favorite books as a kid -- it just feels a little dumb for a thirty-something.)

Just now I was thinking of what I could commit to. I was thinking law and philosophy, with occasional forays into politics. But I know that wouldn't work. I'm tempted every now and then to focus just on science, but I know that won't hold my interest forever either. I'm too much of a mess. Successful people are focused and disciplined: I am neither. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should focus on?

I wish I had some self-discipline.


Robot Dean Martin said...

new site layout looks good

check out if you get a chance

Justin said...

I recommend structured variance, for example:

Monday = blog about the 81
Tuesday = blog about science
Wednesday = blog about politics