Monday, November 06, 2006

Octopus California Voting Guide

It's very last minute, but here it is. I'm not going to bother with the candidates for state-wide office, I imagine most Octopus readers will either go down the board Democrat or Green Party anyway (with perhaps a few write-ins for the Octopus himself). So here are the Octopus recs on the avalanche of propositions (readers in other states will have no idea in hell what I am talking about):

Prop H (Housing Initiative): YES

Prop J (Building fire stations): YES

Prop R (term-limit chicanery): NO

Prop 1A (Transportation funding, close call): NO

Prop 1B (More transportation projects, lots of new freeways that we don't need, also a close call): NO

Prop 1C (housing and emergency shelter funding): YES

Prop 1D (school construction funding): YES

Prop 1E (disaster preparedness): YES

Prop 83 (draconian monitoring of sex offenders): NO

Prop 84 (improving water quality): YES

Prop 85 (abortion waiting period and parental notification -- the Right is very persistent): NO

Prop 86 (cigarette tax -- a close call, but I'm for making cigarettes more expensive): YES

Prop 87 (oil tax for alternative energy funding -- much controversy, but the huge amounts put up by the oil companies to oppose this tells you pretty much everything you need to know): YES

Prop 88 (property tax for schools - close call): NO YES (I changed my mind this morning.)

Prop 89 (campaign finance reform - public funding of campaigns): YES

Prop 90 (a complete disaster waiting to happen financed by property rights activists): GOD, NO

In case you'd like to compare the Octopus's recs against those of other organizations, I've compiled voter guides from various publications and parties below:

LA Weekly
LA Times
SF Chronicle
California Green Party
California Democratic Party
California Republican Party (if you'd like to do the opposite of what they suggest)

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