Sunday, November 26, 2006

On the way back to Burbank Economy Lot A

Thanksgiving break is over. We're at Bush Int'l Airport in Houston waiting for a shuttle to Dallas; from there we'll catch a flight to Burbank.

The trip was fun. We saw tons of family and ate truckloads of food. Thanksgiving, as usual, was an interesting mish-mash of cuisines: one of the turkeys we cooked was a spicy, curried turkey. I had some of this on my plate along with stuffing, cranberry sauce, biryani, and a spicy/sour eggplant. There I go, getting all Jhumpa Lahiri on you.

We also played a lot of touch football and had a bunch of races. I faced another sign of the ravages of time as my baby brother (he's in college) just barely edged me out in a (roughly) 100 yard dash. That would not have happened two or three years ago. It's okay, because old age has taught me acceptance.

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