Thursday, November 09, 2006

Save the Planet

Some of the post-election euphoria is fading for me as I consider the situation the Democrats have inherited:
  • A complete disaster in Iraq with no good options. We can stay and continue to lose men and women fighting an unending insurgency while trying to prop up the Iraqi government, which will be seen as our puppet. We won't be pulling out immediately, and the danger is that the Democrats will now be seen as responsible for the total mess in Iraq, which will likely continue to deteriorate.

  • A slim majority with a president Congress won't be able to work with much. Not much will get done in the next two years -- especially as the 2008 race has already started -- and this Democratic Congress may be seen as ineffectual.

  • A nation more vulnerable than ever to attack, and all the more likely to be attacked precisely because of this administration's policies. I fear that a large attack, possibly carried out by individuals inflamed by our actions in Iraq, (or our failure to prevent the destruction of much of Lebanon, or this administration's total lack of evenhandedness in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or our support for dictators in Egypt and Pakistan, or some combination of all of these) will send the country rushing into the arms of the far right wing once again. The Republicans launched an idiotic war and fanned the flames across the world. Years later, the nation woke up and tried to change control of the government. I really hope that it is not too late, and that our transformed government will be able to take steps to show the world that there is still reason to believe in the possibility of America.
I've been thinking about the "War on Terror", the deficit, the tax cuts, health insurance, abortion, gay rights, and a few of the other issues that have been driving American politics over the past several years, and it seems to me that there is one issue that really has to be at the forefront of our minds: We must save the planet from the apocalyptic effects of global warming.

Terrorists will never be able to take away our way of life, but it is entirely possible that the ravages of global warming could. For too many years, we have entertained a false debate about whether this was even going to happen. That debate is over. Global warming is real.

We need to harness this nation's energy and genius and take the lead in finding energy sources for the future. It is past time to press full ahead with development of solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, and fusion energy. We must change the way we live and work. The era of mass reliance on the personal automobile must come to a close. Our towns and cities must be planned for a new sustainable reality. These required changes are no longer just idealistic pie-in-the-sky. This is about our survival on this planet. The oceans are dying. We are running out of clean drinking water. Entire nations may be devastated by rising oceans. We're not going to be able to blast off and colonize other planets anytime soon. We must get to work immediately on salvaging the only place hospitable to life in the universe that we know of.

Al Gore for President.


Toddy said...

oh boy.
I feel like everything you said is true.
and that is so so sad.

Anonymous said...

too bad Al gore was hired by the british government as advisor for global warming. we lost him. he gave up on us. the U.S.