Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thanks, Howard

Rahm Emanuel has been claiming all the credit for the Dem's big victory, but we should not forget that Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean pushed hard for the Democrats to invest in a 50-state strategy that sought to expand the scope of the party into regions that had traditionally leaned Republican.

The results of Dean's bold strategy, which was criticized by many, including Emanuel? The Senate will be won in Montana and Virginia, hardly traditional Democratic strongholds. Indeed, the Dems have won House seats and Governorships across the country, in all regions -- just as Dean had hoped.

This is the biggest Democratic victory in many decades, and it comes under the leadership of Dean, and on the strength of the message he so powerfully presented way back in the 2004 primaries: We were misled into starting this utterly unnecessary war in Iraq, and it has become an unmitigated disaster for our country.

Dean was right, and his party and the nation have finally caught up to him.

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ivanomartin said...

Yeeeeeaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhh, I agree. (Sorry, but for me that will never get old.)

Now let's see what kind of platform the Dems can come up w/.....