Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Everybody Hates Jimmy Carter

Because, like Desmond Tutu, Carter is clearly a deranged anti-Semite who must be stopped. He's committed one of the ultimate sins in American politics, and, as a result, in a somewhat ugly and transparent, but sadly predictable reaction, people are out to tear down his legacy and to soil his name for history.

Carter apparently doesn't care too much: "'I feel completely at ease,' said Carter, about his commitment to the book, which accuses Israel of oppressing Palestinians. 'I am not running for office. And I have Secret Service protection.'" (from Ha'aretz)

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Toddy said...

An interesting book I read a few years back was "1949, The First Israelis" by Tom Segev.

It is basically a little compendium of insider memos and missives from one Israeli minister or cabinet member to another and it outlines some of the early relocation practices of the Israeli government as well as some of their difficulties with immigration.

An interesting, if dry, read.