Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Saturnalia

Hope you are enjoying the longest night of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). The days only get longer from hereon out, until June 21 of next year.

This is the third Winter Solstice for Octopus Grigori. This very bottom of the year is always a time to reflect on the past year. In many ways, I'm glad it's over. Certain segments of this year were pretty hellish.

I want to say that I'm looking forward to the New Year, but I don't know if I am. The President has apparently decided that we will not begin to bring back troops from the unmitigated disaster we have created in Iraq; instead, the President -- so obviously and fully controlled by Cheney and the neocons at AEI, JINSA, The Weekly Standard, et al. -- has decided that, to attempt to make the neocons' wet dreams in Iraq come true, we must sacrifice more American lives to the deity of the neocon's insatiable appetite for warmongering. More war is obviously the answer. You think otherwise, you stupid antiwar, peacenik, irresponsible, appeasing Neville Chamberlains?! You simply do not understand the complexities of the Middle East and the simplicities of the Arab Mind. (How many times can Thomas Friedman prove himself to be a racist moron before the readership of the Times rises up and finally demands that he be demoted to a bi-weekly blog at The New Republic or something?)

And now we are deploying aircraft carriers and destroyers toward Iran, as a show of force to send Iran a message -- presumably that we are ready (and eager?) to blow them up. Many believe that the President has swallowed whole -- just as he swallowed their brilliant advice to invade Iraq -- the neocons' fervent and overheated screams to bomb/destroy/kill many people in Iran. Yes, the neocons are right: more war is the answer. Bomb another Muslim country. Work your way down the list of Israel's most hated enemies, one by one, till the neocons are satisfied.

Attacking Iran will not make America safer. Attacking Iran is not in America's interest. Other countries may want Iran destroyed. (Strike that: one other country.) Iran has no connections to Al Qaeda or 9/11. Iran does not fund terrorism against America. We do not have a reason to attack Iran and set the region on fire. We will raise up against us China and Russia. We will even further inflame the Middle East. We cannot do this. We have to stop the coming attack on Iran. America must be saved from what this Administration is turning it into. We are not a stupid, cretinous machine of murder, to be deployed to kill hundreds of thousands in the interests of a treacherous band of ideologues.

Go ahead, attack this criticism of the Administration's belligerence -- which has already killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq and may soon kill hundreds of thousands more in Iran -- as somehow bigoted or conspiracy-minded. I just don't care about that type of bullshit, formulaic, prefab criticism any more. I am so sick of watching our country spiral downwards into an aggressive, vengeful, paranoid, dying empire, lashing out at the world. Our Administration, in thrall to the theories of the neocons, is out of control and appears on the verge of taking us from the greatest strategic mistake in the history of our country into an even more profoundly dangerous and horrible mistake.

What can we do to stop the Administration's apparent plan to invade Iran? Will the Democrats in Congress stop the Administration? Haven't the American people sent as clear a signal as possible that they want no more war?

Here's the crazy Octopus blogger theory: the Administration and the neocons want to create a regional war in the Middle East. They want our troops to be committed there for a decade or more. They want this country to be in a state of war, which will perpetuate Republican power, and will keep the warmongering ideologues who control this President in position to steer future Administrations, just as they have so wisely steered this President.

Yeah, I was happy about the November elections. But Bush is still President, and short of impeachment, I don't see how we are going to stop this Administration from plunging us even deeper into war and causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of more civilians. But we must try to stop this. We must petition our representatives. We must flood newspapers and the media with opposition. We must exercise our Constitutional rights of assembly and gather to protest more aggression. More war is not the answer.

Our nation's founding fathers knew these days would one day arrive: "Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm." Federalist Papers No. 10 (James Madison). May God give our nation the strength to survive these dark days.

God bless America.

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julia said...

right on. thank you for this truthful rant, og.
have fun in paris.