Friday, December 29, 2006

Live from Cafe Beaubourg

I'm sitting with Mrs. Octopus and the brothers Octopus in a cafe just next to the Pompidou Center. I am making slow progress on my French pronunciation: I still feel distinctively uncomfortable saying "eau", "oeuf", or "un". They just don't sound like real words to me -- more like weird involuntary grunts or something.

See you back in L.A.


Anonymous said...

It's "oeuf". ;-)

Did you get my email about the Falafel? Don't miss it.


Octopus Grigori said...

MK: Thx. I've fixed that. Was typing in some cafe in the dark.

I did get your email about the falafel place (you don't need to capitalize non-proper nouns :) -- which means you could use "falafel" in a game of Boggle), but we didn't have a chance to stop by there. Next time.

Bon Année!