Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Music Recommendations -- Just In Time For the Holidays

It's been some time since I solicited music recommendations here (nearly two years, in fact). Last time I did, I got some fantastic suggestions, which I am still enjoying.

Here are the best albums I've heard this year (I may need to update this list when I remember albums I've forgotten):

1. TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain

2. The Roots - Game Theory

3. Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I Am Dreaming

4. Subtle - For Hero For Fool

5. Donuts - J Dilla

Please share your favorite albums of 2006 (or any year, for that matter).

Unprompted Update: Forgot to give the mysterious HH props for recommending Sunset Rubdown to me.


Caeli said...

1. Bruce Springsteen - "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions" Irresistible fist-waving hootenanny.

2. Islands - "Return to the Sea" This band used to be called The Unicorns. They're bad at choosing band names and but good at making beautiful albums.

3. Band of Horses - "Everything All the Time" I don't care if you roll your eyes and say this sounds like some sort of indie rock du jour derivative, like Arcade Fire mated with the Shins, because even if it sort've does, this album is dreamy and echoey and haunting and gorgeous in its own rite and I can't seem to tire of it.

Toddy said...

I have been addicted to M.Ward lately.
And Tchaikovsky. You know he wasn't just the Nutcracker guy.
And loads of ukulele music like Folk Uke and Melvern Taylor.

MK said...

Sure, why not Tchaikovsky? For starters, how about the last three symphonies (nos. 4-6)? Would suggest Mravinsky/Leningrad PO, Barenboim/Chicago SO or Karajan/Vienna PO. Then get the ever popular Piano Concerto No.1 (Gilels/Chicago SO/Reiner) and the Violin Concerto (Heifetz/Chicago SO/Reiner).

Toddy said...

I liked The Unicorns. Why they change name?

MK said...

Hey, I have another recommendation for you. A recent discovery for me, that I have been enjoying quite a lot, and which I think you will like, too. Anouar Brahem. He's an oud player from Tunisia who fuses Arabic folk music with jazz. I have three of his albums all of which I like: Barzakh (his first), Conte de l'incroyable amour and Thimar.

Caeli said...

Out of respect to Tchaikovsky and M. Ward, feel the need to clarify my recs were 2006 albums only.

Octopus Grigori said...

Caeli: Thanks for the recommendations! I appreciate that your recs are current. I have been on a dreamy and echoey and haunting and gorgeous kick lately, so your picks work for me!

Toddy: I've been looking for some good ukulele music lately. If there's one thing that's been lacking from my life for these past thirty or so years, it's ukulele music. I will check it out.

MK: Anouar Brahem, eh? Sounds intriguing. I will look into it. I'm generally into anything having to do with l'incroyable amour.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Dr. Dog?

Toddy said...

Also, on the non-2006 tip, much more on the Brahem tip: I have been listening a ton to the John McLoughlin led super group "Shakti" lately.

Man that stuff blows my mind.

I will get those Tchaikovsky recordings.
sound great.

As for uke music?

There is this Australian Jazz singer named Janet Seidel who has am album called "Moon of Manakoora." On that album she is accompanied by a piano, a bass and a ukulele. Kind of standard jazz vocal stuff, totally uninteresting in the wider scope of that sort of thing, but somehow the ukulele gives it that extra nice little push to make it more enjoyable.