Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Notes from the 81

Thankfully, it's been raining here in L.A. I was starting to worry that the climate change was going to be more vicious and sudden than anyone had anticipated. Most of January -- which is traditionally a very wet month here -- went by with almost no rain. I imagined everything dying, and the residents of Southern California having to go to war against those snobs up North for more water. Those days are probably not far.

It's hard to tell, but it looks like the 81's ridership has thinned out a bit tonight with the rain and the relative cold (it might be in the low 50's outside). These conditions pretty much constitute extreme weather here in L.A. I suspect a lot of people just stay in bed when it's raining and below 60 out here.

Couples are always hugging on the bus. Is there something about the bus that inspires affection?

The bus driver is talking about the Chinatown "libary". A Chinese man wanted to get off there, and she's trying to explain that we've passed it. The guy just got off and is headed back into Chinatown.

A blind girl and her father just got on the bus; the girl is sitting down now, holding her walking stick, and singing in Spanish.

The girl and her father just got off. As her father was helping her down the stairs, the bus driver tried to help with some commentary: "Take one step down. Take one more step. Now you've got the curb. Okay."

It's quite nice being in the warm, well-lit bus on a rainy night. It's sort of like being in the library on a rainy night.

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