Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Eternal Return of the Piss-Smelling Steps

view from bottom of Angels Flight

This is where I get off the bus, and where I begin lugging my crap up the steps to the top of this hill. The Angels Flight railcars are not yet in service, though they seem to be making some progress. The obvious allusion here is Sisyphus. I don't have a boulder that I roll up the steps: instead, I have a backpack full of privileged documents and legal research. Every day, the burden is replaced by a new burden (i.e., a new batch of documents). Each morning, I find myself back at the bottom of the steps. This cycle tempts me to think that time is circular, but we all know it's a terrifying straight line.


Toddy said...

This is in the middle of Downtown L.A. right?
I remember being in L.A. for a weekend with Jack and Tommy when Tommy was working for a video game maker and was at some convention. Jack and I used it as an excuse to walk around downtown L.A. on the weekend, a bizarre and ultimately lovely experience involving the total absence of people and the interesting pink hued reflections of the skyscrapers that would bounce all about.
I felt like I was in an abandoned city on Mars.

hh said...

i love the lights at the entryway...it would be so cool if they had some kind of sliding door too. to make it sort of price is right-esque...or let's make a deal.

Octopus Grigori said...
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Octopus Grigori said...

toddy: Yup, right on Hill and Third, near the world-famous . It is sort of like an abandoned city on Mars, or maybe Venus, if the atmosphere on Venus were carcinogenic.

hh: Yeah, the lights are my favorite part of the entry as well. It's actually pretty nice at night. I'll try to get a shot of that next time.