Thursday, February 01, 2007

Give the Gift of Starbucks

In the plush comfort of the throwback edition 81, with its luxurious brown velour-like seat padding, and glorious silence in the absence of the bus TVs.

I'm trying to get back into the habit of waking up early, which always makes me feel a bit more virtuous or something.

Very sad news that Molly Ivins died.

Today is Donut Day at the office. I'm looking forward to my donut.

Getting back to our theme, the Forward has a link to an interesting Pew Forum discussion with Peter Berger about religious pluralism across the world.

Last night, I was waiting for the bus home, drinking an iced latte when a youngish, sort of strung out looking guy came up to me, looking longingly at the latte and asked, "Could I drink some of that?". Sort of a weird request, I thought, but I gave him the drink, which was about half full and told him he could have the rest. He began sucking away at the latte hungrily. When worlds collide. The exchange felt a little more weirdly intimate than the usual handing over of change; apparently this guy wasn't too concerned about my cooties.


Toddy said...

Hey, when you're coming off the nods, you just gotta get a little pick me up sometimes.

Kris said...

That was awfully nice of you.