Monday, March 19, 2007

Real things fade

The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight bleaches colors by blasting away certain molecular bonds that are necessary to create the impression of color. I don't fully understand this, but there it is.

Chemical bleach appears to operate in a sort of similar fashion (i.e., changing the double bonds of chromophores into single bonds, thus altering the optical properties of molecules, rendering them colorless).

Of course, digital images projected with electricity would apparently never fade. For example, the colors on this blog, given the appropriate power source and mode of projection, should never fade. That's an interesting and weird aspect of digital media that I had never really thought about before. I could leave Octopus Grigori in the blinding Eagle Rock sunlight for days and it wouldn't fade at all. Of course, this is just another aspect of the irreality of this medium, its intangibility and weirdness. It's continuously new, and therefore, somehow never quite real.

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Toddy said...

ooh wee. its been a bit of time.
glad to see you are still writing rubbish that somehow makes sense.