Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Night Blues

I just noticed that the wine I was drinking last night was called "Praxis". WTF? I'm now drinking something called "The Lackey", a Shiraz from Australia. The bottle had no cork, but a screw-off cap.

As we tumble steadily toward another recession, as the Antarctic ice thins, and I get ready to go to bed to wake up in time to show up and hand over another day to my taskmasters (I am really wishing I had taken my own advice last year to invest in uranium), I thought it was a good time to look back at anthropologist Marshall Sahlins' seminal essay on the economics of the hunter-gatherer society:
The hunter, one is tempted to say, is "uneconomic man". At least as concerns non subsistence goods, he is the reverse of that standard caricature immortalised in any General Principles of Economics, page one. His wants are scarce and his means (in relation) plentiful. Consequently he is "comparatively free of material pressures", has "no sense of possession", shows "an undeveloped sense of property", is "completely indifferent to any material pressures", manifests a "lack of interest" in developing his technological equipment.
From "The Original Affluent Society". Sometimes "progress" is a lot of bullshit. That may just be "The Lackey" speaking, of course.

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