Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Wednesday in the Spring of 2007

On the couch, after a long day at work, slightly buzzed on red wine and Casa Bianca pizza (L.A.'s best!), watching Hillary addressing a meeting of the AFL-CIO on C-Span and thinking that, yeah, okay, she would probably be a decent president. She would appoint excellent judges. She would probably have a decent foreign policy. She would have Bill by her side . . . . What am I thinking? I must be drunk. She did raise a whole crapload of money out here in L.A. last week. She is getting slightly better at delivering a speech. Bill Richardson was up right before her, and Edwards before him. Richardson should probably be taken more seriously as a contender, given his experience as a chief executive and as an ambassador to the U.N. and negotiator with various hostile leaders through the years. I like Edwards, too, but he still strikes me as a bit of lightweight, though I agree with his focus on social justice and his forthright repudiation of his previous support for the war (in contrast to Hillary).

Okay, now I've tuned Hillary out. She's throwing out a lot of red meat to the union. There's no building or crescendo with Hillary. It's like a relentless, mechanical plateau, in her odd, unplaceable staccato accent

Update: I'm sobered up now and back to thinking Hillary would be a disaster as a general election candidate. And I'm still unhappy with her for her contorted and insincere positions on the war. Run, Al, run!


jose said...

you know, both of the Bush presidents were hardly good orators.

toddy said...

Richardson is by far my favorite candidate out there. It is unfortunate no one is paying attention to him. But as we have seen in the past, often front runners fall to the side as things rush on. If he sticks in there long enough he could have an outside shot.

ivanomartin said...

wow--hillary clinton smokin' hot in the hippy garb.