Thursday, April 12, 2007

I start nearly every sentence with "I".

I am almost done with Green Mars. I am such a slow reader. I think I read like six pages a night. I'm excited about finishing this book so I can start a new one. I'm not sure what I'm going to read next. Maybe I'll finally finish Against the Day. That'll take up another two months or so. I have some more Raymond Chandler books I could read. I started looking at the Vernor Vinge book, but it seems to be all about slow zones, and fast zones, some kind of space opera -- probably deadly boring. I borrowed Special Topics in Calamity Physics from the library, but have mixed feelings about reading the book because I resent the author for being young, wildly successful, and cute. Blech. What's the opposite of Schadenfreude? Hateradenfreude?

I'm thinking again about learning kung fu. Is this a good idea?

I said a surah three times, almost involuntarily, before walking into a meeting last week. It's the one I recite three times and then blow in three directions around me, creating a temporary forcefield. I think it worked, because I wasn't fired at the meeting. And no one hit me. Every now and then, I worry that someone I am working with will get so pissed off with me that they will come over and strangle or beat me. But I'm around lawyers, so instead of physical violence, everything comes out in passive aggressive behavior, selective use of capitalization, tersely forwarded emails, documents returned through interoffice mail with seething post-it notes, etc.



Kris said...

You should read Josheph Heller's "Something Happened". I just finished it this morning. It took me about 6 months, but it's real good. You'll know after the first 5 pages or so.

hh said...

yes, kung fu. definitely.
then you could bust out with some random attack poses on the pitch. just for giggles.