Saturday, May 05, 2007

Back East

I am posting this dispatch from my parents' bedroom in Connecticut. Work brought me out to Massachusetts this week, and I am spending the weekend at home with my family. An aunt of mine is in the hospital up here after surgery, so there are lots of other family members of mine in town this weekend as well. Everyone's worried about my aunt, and we've been spending a lot of time with her in the hospital, so it's not quite a happy reunion. All the little kids, however, are pretty happy to see each other, and they're relatively oblivious to the sad situation.

My parents have set up a computer in their bedroom right next to their bed. There's a printer on top of a dresser here. I don't quite understand this set up, but I don't live here anymore, and I guess they can do what they like.

It's a very pretty time of year here in Connecticut. Everything is in bloom. Living in L.A., I had forgotten how green Connecticut is in spring and summer, how much water there is, lakes everywhere, the towns clustered by the massive Connecticut River.

I probably shouldn't be hiding away up here in my parents' bedroom blogging while all my relatives are downstairs. More later.

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