Monday, May 14, 2007

Suborder Apocrita

You can get married by proxy in Montana. I think we saw a baby rattler on a trail behind JPL this Saturday morning. Giant succulents are sometimes frightening. Is there anything grosser or scarier than a dead bird -- especially a dead crow?

I always worry a little, when an arm or leg falls asleep, that it won't wake up again. What if the bees all die?

I can't see the ocean from my office this afternoon because it's either too hazy or too smoggy. I can't understand anything the lead singer from Blonde Redhead says when she's singing -- not that I care. Is it just me, or is everyone just really tired of Björk?

Do large objects in space tend to drift apart or drift together?

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creative-type dad said...

How can anybody ever get tired of Björk's weird accent?