Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Continued Freefall through Time

Another weekend, lost for all time. At least I finished the book I've been reading for a while: Then We Came to the End. It was pretty funny, and endlessly fascinating to me because it was about the everyday, mundane idiocies of work, useless meetings at work, ways to waste time at work, free bagel days at work, stupid and insane co-workers, etc.

I've been trying to read, at the same time, Cadillac Desert, which I've started before, but got mired somewhere in the historical section in the first quarter of the book or so.

My Sunday soccer league team won its game this afternoon. We played against a team apparently named after a Mexican beer. They were pretty good. Their goalkeeper was fat and squat and wore a Warren Moon jersey. At some point, I screamed "Fuck off!" at one of my teammates and gave him the finger. He had been giving me a hard time about some play that I had created by stealing the ball in our half, running it up past midfield, and then passing to a forward, but just a bit too far in front of the forward. I was playing pretty hard today, and I think I sort of morphed into a huge dickhead, as I can from time to time when playing sports. Anyway, I gave the teammate one of those fist pounds and some kind words after the game and it was all good. I came home and took a long nap.

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Kris said...

This sounds like a great sunday. You should put that book down again and pick up The Road. You'll want to read it straight through in one sitting.